Amplification Central: A Hidden Gem for the Molecular Biologist

One of the internet’s hidden gems for molecular biologists is the amplification central gateway by Bio-Rad Laboratories.
The gateway includes a ton of resources for those involved in designing and executing both real time and conventional PCR experiments. There’s a PCR Doctor section which includes a real time PCR doctor for diagnosing and treating real time PCR trouble, and a conventional PCR Doctor for diagnosing PCR trouble after the amplification product is run on an agarose (or PAGE) gel.

The site also has tutorials on Real-Time PCR Fundamentals and Real-Time PCR Chemistries which include downloadable presentations and an Assay design section that includes Primer and PCR Product Design, Assay Validation and Optimization Overview and Quantitative PCR Analysis.

To top it all off, the organizers have included a tip of the week (this week’s tip is: Using a standard curve on two different plates can serve as an inter-run calibrator) which should encourage you to visit the gateway regularly.

Click here to visit amplification central today!

If you know of other hidden internet gems for molecular biologists, please share!

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